Why Is There A Need For Foster Care?

Foster Care Services in CaliforniaUnder the care of foster parents, the child receives shelter needed to prevent further abuse and neglect. While the child is being well cared for, the natural parents are given time and adequate opportunity for their rehabilitation. But the benefits of quality foster parenthood reach well beyond temporary care.

By providing a healthy family environment, filled with love and acceptance, foster parents play a vital role in stabilizing the child’s emotions as well as offering a vivid alternative to a lifestyle of abuse and neglect.

The emotional patterns learned in an abusive environment can be changed, preventing the cycle of abuse from continuing through generations.

What makes Beta different from other private non-profit foster care agencies?

Beta Foster Care’s staff takes great pride is being licensed as a Treatment Foster Family Agency. To Beta this means all foster children receive weekly therapy and families receive 24-hour support services. All professional staff have pagers making them accessible to foster families at all times.