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Beta Foster Care: Our Story

Public Service Announcement

foster familyBeta Foster Care (BFC) is a private non-profit foster family agency licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing.

BFC trains and certifies qualified adults for foster care under state regulations and manages the appropriate placement of children into these foster homes. Then we provide continuing therapy for the children and on-going support for the foster parents.

Foster Care Services in California What are the credentials of Beta’s professional staff?

Administrators and social workers all hold a Master of Arts degree in social work or counseling. They must be either licensed as therapists or registered with the state and preparing for their license.

Industry Leadership

Executive Director Craig Zacuto, M.A. helped to initiate the Orange County Foster Family Agency Advisory Board. This is a working committee of local private non-profit foster family agencies and Orange County Social Services Agency administrators. This advisory board meets every other month to oversee policies that maintain the highest levels of care for foster children. Mr. Zacuto served on the subcommittee which drafted the expectations protocols. This document provides procedures for the county social workers to most effectively utilize the services provided by the private foster family agencies.

Beta has also been represented at the Orange County Foster Family Agency Forum since 1988 and the Los Angeles County Forum since 1994. These monthly meetings include administrators from the local county agencies, private non-profit foster family agencies and the state licensing agency to solve any problems of communication.

Mr. Zacuto was also one of the principals involved in organizing the Association of Foster Family Agencies of Orange County where he served as President from 1997-1999. Beta Foster Care continues to be highly visible in industry administrative dialogues within the county.