How Does Beta Foster Care Support Its Foster Families?

Foster Care Services in CaliforniaBeta Foster Care provides ongoing foster parent continuing education workshops and foster home tutorials. During the summer we provide camp experiences for the children.

Respite care support services are also provided to prevent foster parent burn-out. The County Department of Education provides tutoring services for Beta Foster Care foster children.

What about the medical and dental needs of the children?

All foster children receive Medi-Cal insurance. Beta Foster Care refers foster parents to providers for medical, dental and related professional services.

Program Services

A broad range of services that are provided by Beta Foster Care are vital to the mental health and academic achievement of foster children. The following services are unique in that they are provided at the agency office in a single location in close proximity to the foster families:

1. Foster child counseling:  All foster children age 5 years and older receive weekly individual counseling. This is a service vital to help the healing process for any abused or neglected child. It is also important to help foster children cope with the trauma of being separated from their parents regardless of circumstances.

2. Foster child tutoring:  Beta provides weekly professional tutoring services at the Laguna Niguel office in collaboration with the Orange County Department of Education.

3. Social services:  Professional social workers visit the foster children weekly in the foster homes to ensure quality of care and provide support to foster parents. Social workers make contact with school staff, report to County Social Services and arrange visits between foster children and their natural parents.

4.  Transportation for visitation:  Social worker assistants and foster parents transport foster children to visit with their parents. These visits are on a weekly basis at a minimum based upon the child's case plan. These visits are also supervised and monitored as needed.

5. Recreational activities:  Thanks to generous community support, all school age foster children attend a summer camp. Also, members of the Mission Viejo Elks Club Lodge take 15 foster children out fishing locally each summer. Beta Foster Care also provides foster families with donated tickets to baseball games, the circus and other similar activities throughout the year. The foster families include the foster children in all family activities as well.